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Get to Know NeuroDiverse

Learning Is a Journey

Like many women and girls who eventually receive a diagnosis of Neurodiversity--be it Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Nonverbal Learning Disability, or any of the increasing number of neurocognitive conditions under the Neuropsychological umbrella I felt different from my siblings and friends,. I couldn't define that difference, and I still cannot. Learning that my brain is wired differently was an immense relief.

ADHD and ASD are more readily identified in boys, and while new research studies are revealing the prevalence of ASD in females, and the differences in presentation between males and females, there remain too many unknowns. Girls and women are still struggling without a diagnosis and without support. 

This situation is unacceptable, and the reason this website exists. Whether you are a nurse, doctor, service provider, teacher, a Neurodiverse person or you have a loved one who may have ASD, you CAN HELP.   

Scroll down to begin your learning journey—you’re one of us now.

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